Grooming Services for Dogs

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Pricing for Dogs

Pricing depends on the condition of your dog when presented for grooming.

Each dog is priced based on the amount of time it will take to provide a quality service and will depend on:

  • Size and weight of your dog

  • Coat type

  • How much coat your dog has

  • Condition of the coat

  • When your dog was last groomed

  • Your dogs behaviour during the grooming process

Pricing below is a rough guide only and is based on regular maintenance grooming (the previous groom being no more than 8 weeks ago) rather than salvage work on a matted or overgrown coat, which is priced differently.


If you are a new client, we can give a more accurate price estimate after speaking with you to establish those details if you have concerns. 


Dogs that we have previously groomed before and are on a regular schedule will have a fixed price. However they may incur extra charges if the previous groom was more than the recommended grooming interval for the breed and style, as a longer period of time between grooms involves more work.

Extra charges apply for:

  • Dogs that arrive excessively knotty, dirty / muddy or wet

  • Removal of excessive amounts of Cobblers Pegs or Bindis

  • Removal of faeces from the coat

  • Fleas

  • Excessively dirty ears that require extensive ear care 

  • Dogs that require more time due to challenging or aggressive behaviour

  • Late pick-up of your dog (more than 30 minutes after notification that your dog is ready)

The below sizes are a guide to pricing only and may differ for long or curly coats.

Toy - less than 3 kilos

Small  3 - 7 kilos

Medium 7 - 12 kilos

*Please note that I am unable to groom  dogs over 12 kilos.

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